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Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

At Peppertree Montessori our goals are to:


    * Provide a peaceful, safe community made up of

       children, families and teachers.


   * Inspire each child’s passion for learning through the Montessori philosophy of education.                

* Assist each child in realizing their full potential.    


* Encourage each child to express themselves with purpose, passion and vision.                           


  * Provide an environment that enables each child to thrive as a life-long learner.                         


We envision our school as a community of responsive, aware children & adults empowered to nurture and shape the world.



We believe that it is the process the children engage in,        not the product they produce, that gives mastery of essential life skills.  


We are dedicated to providing developmental learning experiences that are well rounded and individualized.


We recognize that children learn and develop in their own way at their own pace.


We encourage children to work toward independence and self-motivation. 


We foster a spirit of cooperation, respect and overall peacefulness. 


We inspire an appreciation and responsibility for the environment.


We foster tolerance and patience of others.


We encourage expression of a child's  original thoughts, ideas and emotions.


We instill and nurture a life long love of learning.  

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